Winner Of Science Hero Award, 2015

Cimaza Virology Comics

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Prof. Paul Ranelli (Social Pharmacy, University of Minnesota)

Comics aren't just for children.  When a unique approach to a complicated issue is used, we all learn. "The Adventures of the Regatjes, Vaccines" book is a welcomed "shot in the arm" to great learning.

Dr. Rami Doueiri (Human Retrovirus Section; National Cancer Institute)
The recent spread of several infectious diseases, previously controlled by vaccines, is an alarm to health care professionals, scientists and the world population. This is an indication that the scientific message is not reaching its full potential. The adventures of the Regatjes is a great series that dispels myths about vaccines in a scientific yet funny, exciting and engaging way by following the work of scientists battling evil viruses.  I would recommend this series to parents, teenagers and anyone interested in knowing more about infectious diseases and vaccines.

Dr. Sarah Thomas (Event Developer; Edinburgh International Science Festival)

The Adventures of the Regatjes is an illustrated comic about the fight to develop vaccines against deadly diseases. It is an action-packed adventure to the microscopic world, perfect for 8-10 year olds and younger advanced readers. It's absolutely fantastic to find a fun story for children featuring real scientific research. It's educational and informative, but the story doesn't get bogged down with difficult scientific concepts. We can't wait for Volume Two!

Prof. Johan Neyts (Rega Institute for Medical Research, KU Leuven)

The Adventures of the Regatjes explains in an entertaining yet informative why vaccination against infectious disease is so important. It brings also the message that the anti-vaccine lobby is very wrong. Vaccination is saving millions of lives. It is extremely important that this message is being conveyed to a large public including teenagers. This nice comic book helps to spread this very important information.

‚ÄčRuth McClure (Writer, CPNP (Retired), Health Professional, California)
20 Characters of Viruses, are very real and very creative the way they were put forth in the comics. Colourful Visual information are very stimulating to the eyes of both children and adults. Visual material is very impressive, and appealing. The vaccine mission in this book is evident, in which the author wants it to be, to convince people to get their children's immunizations as well as their own. Susan did a very good job, and I sincerely hope that her project will go over big, with marked improvement in the Immunization records, and more healthy people, worldwide.

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