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Cimaza is ideally placed to address science information deficits and vaccine myths via its multi-lingual (European languages and Arabic) award winning comics and animations. These  comics (Science Hero Award 2015 – recognising excellence in science education and communication) are created and designed by a Virologist who is a talented cartoon artist. The comics are attractive, engaging, fact-filled, address vaccine myths and tell an engaging story.  

Meet the Team
Dr Susan Nasif (PhD) Cimaza Founder, Author and Artist. Susan Nasif is a Virologist with a PhD in Virology from Prof. J. Neyts Virology Laboratory at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) Belgium.  Susan was among the pioneer researchers who worked on the “Hepatitis C virus” with Professor Fabien Zoulim’s laboratory team in Lyon, France. During her undergraduate years, she was “awarded the Certificate of Excellent Performance three times” for her exemplary work and academic ability. Susan is also a talented “cartoonist” and has worked with children from an early age, combining art and science for a more engaging approach to both disciplines.
 Dr Adam Wilson (PhD) _ Editor. Adam is a Chemist, Writer and Editor living in Oxford, UK. He obtained his PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, UK. In addition to his published short fiction, his essays written in collaboration with ScienceMums have been published in Chemistry World and Chemistry Today.

Daniela Barisone _ Colourist. Daniela is a Digital Colourist and a student at the International School of Comics in Turin. She has worked as a cover artist for various publishers (Dreamspinner Press, Lite Editions and La Mela Avvelenata). She has also collaborated professionally with Adiaphora and Vae Victis webcomics. 

Ally Shwed _ Letterer. Ally is a Cartoonist, Writer, & Editor, originally from New Jersey. She received her MFA in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art & Design and has worked with The Nib, Fusion, BOOM! Studios, and IDW Publishing. Ally is also a Professor of Sequential Art, Scriptwriting, Typographic Design, & Art Direction at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Querétaro, México. Together with artist Gerardo Alba, she runs Little Red Bird (, a Visual Arts Studio specializing in comics and printmaking.

Jordan Collver _ Artist, Illustrator

Assoc. Prof. Robert L. Eoff _ Scientific Editor & Artist

Our Supporters

Arizona State University  (USA)
KU Leuven (& EUSEA) (BE)
Transmissible.EU  (NL)
St. Anthony Parish  (BE)
PrOF. Vincent Racaneillo  Columbia University (USA)
Dr. Ryan McNamara – University of Chapel Hill, NC (USA)
Nathan Kiening – Texas State University-San Marcos (USA)
Dr. Edward Emmott  – Cambridge University (UK)
Dr. Anna J. MacDonald (UK)
Michael Morales (USA)
Matthew Noe – University of Massachusetts Medical School (USA)
Dr. Sam Million-Weaver – AAAS (USA)
Dr. Arnold Bosman (NL)
Rachel Shaw  (USA)
Dave Gronbach  (USA)
Stephanie Belanger  (USA)
Angelo Varlotta  (Italy)