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 "Masterfully crafted educational comic, with funny characters and true to life facts about viruses, vaccines and

scientists. I love this artistic approach to make parents, grand parents and children aware of the true threats of childhood diseases and the true, safe benefits of vaccines." _ A. Bosman  (

Winner Of Science Hero Award, 2015


Cimaza Virology Comics

Creator's Preface

Vaccines have saved millions of lives worldwide, and yet, there are a startling number of individuals and communities who believe that vaccines are dangerous. The science to support vaccination is clear, but sometimes the message to the lay community is not. That is why we need new and innovative approaches to spread the message that VACCINES WORK.

It is sometimes hard to get support for ideas that are different. That’s why we are asking you to support our campaign to educate children (& parents) on the Science behind Vaccines and Viral Diseases

Susan Nasif, Ph.D